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Why Graftec-India?


  • 32 years of buying power, experience and worldwide relationships.


  • Flexibility with terms, pricing and deliveries.


  • Focus on the best customer service.


  • Graftec-India has access to the world's inventory with its E-CAS Inventory System.


  • Graftec-India accepts and honors scheduled orders.


  • Graftec-India allocates inventory per schedules.


  • Graftec-India has exclusive agreements to distribute excess inventories from many of the world's Fortune 500 companies.


  • 32 years of purchasing power and relationships at your fingertips.


  • We source and supply full Bill of Materials, Shortages, Spot Buys, Obsolete Components


  • Graftec-India has over 2-million items in stock in our USA Warehouse for same-day delivery.


One Call and Cover the World

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This Month's Inventory Specials

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